Red Hot Bluegirl

While typecast TV stars have quotation-marked middle names for faster recognition -- witness Jaleel "Urkel" White -- it's quite uncommon for a fine artist and portraitist. But avant photographer Heidi "Bluegirl" Calvert, whose photographic retrospective opens with a reception from 6:30 p.m. to midnight at Perihelion Arts on Friday, July 1, is no common shootist. Inspired by the fame-lusting Andy Warhol Factory crowd of the 1960s, she set up her own raw artists' space on Hollywood Boulevard called Bluespace, which recreates that synergy for Gen X- and Y-ers too young to know Edie Sedgwick from Edie Brickell. In Calvert's sensual-gone-sensational character studies, you find such notable eyefuls as "Future Cult Icon Lenora Claire" and Amber Ray, who Calvert captured in a vaginal monolithic pose with the Empire State Building that straddles the fine line between sexy and silly. Like a naughty dream date, Calvert's work isn't afraid to express sexuality. Or visit construction sites and rooftops! Perihelion Arts is located at 1500 Grand Avenue. Admission to the exhibit, which runs through July 30, is free. Call 602-462-9120 or visit -- Serene Dominic

Ornery Hombres
Latin Fantasy approaches reality

FRI 7/1
Guys, if your "Latin Fantasy" is Cesar Romero in soggy boxers, stop dating yourself and find someone else with whom to ring in Independence Day. State-of-the-art Latino hotspot Karamba, 1724 East McDowell, is planning an explosion inside and outside your trousers for Sunday, July 3. For starters, they've booked Dance Diva Pepper Machay (pictured), whose music you've heard on Sex and the City and the hit film Beauty Shop, performing her latest hit "Dive in the Pool," which you might need to do to resuscitate after the all-night giveaway bonanzas. The mix mastery of DJ Tranz, Melo, Jesus Vega, and Kool A, and hostess Diamond put it all in Glorious Fourth perspective. Faint-of-heart flag-wavers should be forewarned about the male dance review, Go Go Boys, and their Old Glory grindwear. Get spicy from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., with after hours for the 18-and-older crowd. Admission costs $10. Visit or call 602-254-0231. -- Serene Dominic

Light Talk
Explore the plastic fantastic

FRI 7/1
Gravity seems to be the one force of nature we're consistently able to combat. Sure, we've rocketed to the weightless heavens and back. But our crowning achievements in defying Newton's law just might be Botox, silicone, and tummy tucks. On Friday, July 1, the Arizona Science Center -- 600 East Washington -- devotes its monthly "Adults' Night Out" to the ever-changing face of cosmetic surgery with a lecture by ASU prof Tanya Augsberg, the film Forces of Nature, and snacks and drinks to keep us light on our feet. "Adults' Night Out" is free, but the film costs $5 for ASC members, $7 for non-members. Call 602-716-2000. -- Joe Watson

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