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Red Hot Robot Announces New Location

Mark your calendars: The Red Hot Robot grand opening on March 5.

The toy-gallery-turned-gift-shop announced that their new space will be the corner of 16th Street and Bethany Home Road.

Their new neighbors will include hometown favorites Vig Uptown, Cupcakes by Design, Luci's Healthy Market Place and Hobe Meat, which has been in Phoenix since the '50s.

"I've always loved that intersection," RHR owner Jason Kiningham says. "I looked at a number of other areas, but kept going back there."

The 1950s vibe is carrying over the RHR new brand identity, too. "'50s space is the inspiration," Kiningham says. "It's kind of retro-future." To match the new mod branding and logos, the space itself will feature poured concrete, exposed ducting and chrome lighting fixtures.

In fitting style, RHR is being redefined as more of a card and gift store, less of a toy and collectible shop. Kiningham also promises great functional items for a broader audience.

"The transition of the store and the new energy of the location are really exciting. This is a fresh approach to Red Hot Robot," Kiningham says.

What will replace RHR in Medlock Plaza? Only time will tell.

The RHR grand opening is Saturday, March 5 at 6042 N. 16th St. in Phoenix.

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Megan Dobransky
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