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One of contemporary life’s biggest challenges is separating the spiritual/New Age bona fides from the frauds. An example of the latter: Neale Donald Walsh and his Conversations with God series. Dude, really? You seriously transcribed a conversation with the Man Upstairs or whatever and made your publisher buy it? No way we’re falling for that banana-in-the-tailpipe trick, udig?

However one cat who our intuition says is the real deal is rock star spiritualist Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now and A New Earth. Though he’s as dry as a million-year-old piece of petrified wood, Tolle is super-awesome because of his gift of contemporizing ancient lessons into circa-2009 speak. The latest example of his kickass-ness takes place when he talks about how music is a universal language in the world-music flick 1 Giant Leap – What About Me? (2008). The project by the London-based band/mixed-media project of the same name also features appearances by the likes of Baaba Maal, Bob Geldof, Stewart Copeland, Alanis Morrissette, Noam Chomsky, and Oumou Sangare, and screens in conjunction with the Walkabout: Celebrating World Culture international bazaar .
Sun., Jan. 11, 2 p.m., 2009

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