Relay the Message

Imagine standing at the foot of Oregon’s highest snow-capped peak on a sweltering 80-degree August day. Now gather up eleven of your friends and take turns running about 200 continuous miles until you reach the mighty Pacific.

Quite an undertaking, don’t you think?

If that sounds like a little much, you have a chance to experience the world’s largest relay race in HD on the big screen. Hood to Coast, a feature length documentary, is appearing at select theaters across the country, showcasing the diversity and beauty of this 197-mile trek across the more attractive half of Oregon State.

The relay begins at Mount Hood, wanders down along the Columbia River into Portland, and then makes its way through un-Wal-Marted territory to the white sands of Seaside. The views alone are spectacular. Add in the determination and struggle of the human condition, and you’ve got yourself a runaway hit.

Tue., Jan. 11, 6 p.m., 2011
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Craig Smith