Renew Your Vows and Undying Love this Weekend at Monsterland

Creepy couples rejoice -- this weekend is full of opportunities to express your feelings for one another while flying your tattered, blood-soaked flags.

This weekend, for $10, the "Sinister Minister" will renew your vows or perform a commitment ceremony in one of Monsterland's creepy sets and sign a certificate of undead authenticity. (Note: The minister will not be officiating any first-time ceremonies -- that's what Vegas is for.)

The haunted house and horror film museum opened on Main Street in Mesa in last October and has offered steady thrills for horror buffs and monster lovers ever since.

This Friday, Photographers and videographers will also be on scene to capture the screaming moment, and the first 12 couples in line will receive free red-velvet Kiki's cupcakes with black cream cheese frosting and bloody bavarian cream filling (natch).

The festivities start on Friday, February 10, at 7 p.m. in front of Monsterland in Mesa.

Check out Monsterland's Facebook page for scheduling info and take a look around to get an idea of what the the spook house will look like when it opens Arizona's first monster-themed nightclub in April that will overlook the bottom two floors of decor and lurking monsters.

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