Requiem for a Rock Band

From black lights, bong water, and wizards to natural breasts and hairy beavers, no band captured everything that was great about the 1970s like Led Zeppelin. Sadly, those days are over, and the chances of the band reuniting look about as good as John Bonham's bloated corpse.

Luckily, the Phoenix Symphony is here to satisfy our need to rock with its The Music of Led Zeppelin – A Rock Symphony gig. Vocalist Randy Jackson and guest conductor Brent Havens will help the normally stuffy Symphony light you up with amplification while whipping through Zep’s more memorable songs, such as “Black Dog,” “Immigrant Song,” and, of course, “Stairway to Heaven.”

Sat., Jan. 17, 8 p.m., 2009
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Lou Kummerer