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Revera: A Beauty and Aromatherapy Shop Coming Soon to Roosevelt Row

Violet Brand and Susan Kerr are bustling around in their new storefront, rearranging bottles, testing logos, and preparing their full line of skin, body, and hair care. They say just a few things need to be done before they open the doors to their new shop this Friday. 

Revera, at 610 E. Roosevelt Rd, is the first storefront the two have had for their beauty line, which includes facial and bath products, moisturizers, and a men's line. 

Brand and Kerr have been working together for about a year and selling to private clients, but when they ran across a vacancy on Roosevelt Row (in what used to house Chill Out, a gelato shop), they bit.

The space is well-lit and simply designed. Dark glass bottles, which the two say activate the product and increase its shelf life, line tiled shelves and wood counter tops, while an engraving machine busily hums in the back of the store. 

​Each glass bottle is custom engraved with the product name and can include personal messages for gifts or keepsakes. This process eliminates the need for plastic bottles and labels, which Brand and Kerr say is central to their company's sustainable goals and "back to basics" mission. 

Prices of Revera products include the bottles (returnable for washing and refilling) and range from $20 to $100 depending on ingredients and size. Custom and signature perfumes will also be mixed and bottled in the store. 

Revera will host a soft opening during First Friday and will officially open on January 20. For more information, stay tuned to Revera's website

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