Ridiculous Obstacle Course 5K Coming to Scottsdale's Salt River Fields

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This is the race's first year in Phoenix, since starting up in San Diego in 2011. It went national as of this year, premiering in 33 cities with plans to expand to Canada. The event takes place at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale on November 2, with several time slots throughout the day starting at 8 am and going until 5 pm. Race times can vary significantly, but the average range is between 30 minutes and an hour to complete the 12 obstacles.

When registering, you'll receive the option to select morning or afternoon waves, but not an actual time slot in that wave. If you want to race with a group of friends, just start a group and pick a group leader, in addition to creating a group name and password. Anybody you want to race witht can signup under the group and guarantee the same time slot, which is selected randomly otherwise. Costumes are common and highly encouraged.

The 5K challenge is an untimed event and anyone 13 or older can participate. You'll get the opportunity to see your fellow contestants wipe out while waiting your turn (we're guessing that's at least half the appeal of going and possibly biffing it yourself).

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