RJ Brewer Talks Lucha Libre, His Anti-Immigration Beliefs, Russell Pearce, and His "Mother," Governor Jan Brewer

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So will Governor Brewer be in attendance at Celebrity Theatre on Sunday?
Very doubtful. I would hope they would send her an invitation, but so far she's refused to comment on any of this. I don't know if she thinks it's going to make her look bad or what. She's a busy woman, I'm sure she has her own battles to take care of so I doubt she will be there but you never know.

Has the governor reacted to what you do?
No, I haven't heard anything. I know there are plenty of reporters who have contacted her and she refuses to comment. One reporter in California said that her office's words were, "Yes we know about it, we never commented before, we're not going to start now." Sometimes no comment is just as good as anything.

Have you read the governor's book Scorpions for Breakfast yet?
I actually just ordered it. I fly into Phoenix a lot and I look all over the bookstores in the airport and I can't seem to find it. So, no, I haven't read it yet so that's on my goal, it should be coming next week so I'm interested in reading it.

Jan's gotten flack for her controversial positions, not only on immigration but most recently on abortion. How do you feel about your,'s policies?
You know, there's no perfect politician, obviously. If they were, they wouldn't be politicians. The stance she's taking against immigration is the main one because it's obviously a big problem. You've got four really, really big states that border Mexico and the borders aren't being secured no matter what people think and I just think our government is so obsessive with the Middle East that they forget about our own country. There are a lot of parts of America that have become like the Third World, which is really pathetic when you think that we're supposed to be the superpower. So that's the main issue that she is talking about that I think is most important. Her abortion bill, which I heard briefly about, is more hostile toward women. I really don't know too much about it.

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