Ro-Butt Rock

Captured! By Robots is what happens when a ska-punk veteran with a questionable sanity level attempts a “hard rock” or, dare we say, “metal” band. Vocalist JBOT (a.k.a. Jay Vance) did time in both Skankin’ Pickle and the Blue Meanies but was allegedly booted for being “unlikable.” As the story goes, JBOT decided to construct a band of robotic member replacements, but his gang of automatons quickly turned hostile and has kept him enslaved ever since, forcing him to perform (and endure public humiliation) with them as the aptly titled group Captured! By Robots.

Whether performing with the usual lineup (man, robot, ape, and hornsman) lineup or with an elaborate theme (like 2007’s Bush-themed “Dubya” tour), C!BR’s live performance will entertain, shock, offend, and maybe even sexually harass you. One thing it definitely won’t do, however, is bore you.

Thu., May 20, 8 p.m., 2010
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Adriane Goetz