Rockaroke at The Sail Inn

Looking for something to do this week? "Night Owl" is a quick guide to special nights at bars and clubs around town. We'll give you a few hints re: cover, dress code, music and atmosphere. Thursday night marks "Rockaroke" at The Sail Inn

The Sail Inn's Rockaroke gives bar goers a chance to live out their rock and roll fantasies every Thursday. Veteran local act, The Zen Lunatics, turn regular old karaoke into Rockaroke by playing live instruments behind a series of one track troubadours. 

Check out a slideshow of the most recent Rockaroke here and our impressions after the jump...

What we loved: The atmosphere was friendly and inviting even though the band, bartenders and bar goers seemed to be at a high school reunion. The drinks were a highlight as well. 

What we didn't love: This may have just been an off night, but it's tough to live out your rock and roll fantasy without a crowd. 

Would we go back: To the Sail Inn? Yes. To Rockaroke? Not so much. 

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Ryan Wolf