Roka Boutique: Designer Denim, Rockin' Basics and Kitschy Kidswear in North Glendale

The creative and fashionable minds behind Roka Boutique want to be your friends -- and not just on Facebook. Unlike many similar designer shops, the small boutique, packed with fashionable brands like Juicy Couture and True Religion, is modern and chic, but not snooty.

On any given afternoon, owner Bridgette McDonald and a group of shoppers are looking at designer jeans and summer tops and sipping champagne that the shop keeps on hand.

McDonald, who started the Glendale store in 2005, says she gets to know her customers and their styles, and buys with her people in mind. From raffia neon clutches to sharp button downs, she stocks both classic basics and trendy pieces for men, women, and children.

We stopped by to check out the goods. Find out what we'd take, what we'd leave and why we'd go back after the jump.

Things We're Taking Home:

1. Skinny by Jessica Elliot Belt: This belt is military-chic and great for both men and women ($48).
2. Neutral Lace and Canvas hat from True Character/Peter Grimm: A feminine take on a masculine topper for $48.
3. Urbanears Large Headphones: Functional, hip, and sturdy, these massive headphones make a funky statement in white, hot/light pink, orange, light/dark blue, lavender, red, black, or Betty Boop-printed for $60.
4. Mini Maniac Gnome Bib: Made will mildew-resistant faux leather, vinyl and cotton, this too-cute-to-pass bib for $28 includes a mini gnome toy.
5. Emu Sarongs: Stay both warm and stylish on the beach with these colorful cover-ups from Australian-made brand Emu.

Things On Our Wishlist:

1. Boho Saks Bag: We love the colors on this incredibly deep cotton bag; it's even big enough for a laptop ($124).
2. Raffia Clutches with Neon Accents: For $83, these summery raffia bags are perfectly on-trend and a little larger than standard clutches.
3. "Marilyn" dress by Eva Franco: It may a little late to buy this for a Fourth of July BBQ, but this cool dress is a flattering shape and is lined with a fun teal fabric: $278.
4. Heaven's Alchemy Perfumes: Designed by a woman who worked for Chanel, these oil-based perfumes are named after places she traveled and last longer than normal perfume. Each spicy, sexy scent comes with its own special bottle, box, and funnel for $110.

We Left Behind...

Bejeweled Havaianas flip-flops: Cute, but we can find these everywhere (and for less than $68)

Why We'd Go Back...

To dig through the Roka Denim Bar in the back - while sitting on the couch, chatting with the owner and sipping champagne, of course.

Roka Boutique is located at 20118 N. 67th Ave. in Glendale. They are open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check out their website and Facebook page for more info

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