Ron Funches on Cute Butts, His Favorite Comic Books, and Being Nice to People

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Now, it seems that Funches is finally getting the mainstream notoriety he deserves thanks to his role as Shelly, a central character starring opposite Chris D'Elia on NBC's Undateable, as well as through such movie projects as the newly released Get Hard, starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrel

Between performing stand-up, doing voiceovers for upcoming animated films, and prepping for the second season of his debut sitcom, Jackalope Ranch caught up with Funches by phone to talk about the important things in life: touching butts and making jokes.

How have things changed for you career-wise since landing a starring role in a hit sitcom? More people are aware of who I am so more people come out to my shows, which is good. It's all really been positive. It's been better. I've been a little more relaxed knowing that I can provide for my son properly without having to travel to the point that I'm breaking my back, so it's really nice. And then I get to still go out and do shows at places that I want to go to instead have to go to. So you know if I'm coming to Tempe it's because i want to!

So does that mean people recognize you now when you're out and about? For the most part, no. But if I'm at like really nerdy places like an arcade or a comic book store, I might get a couple of people who know who I am and it's really cool. I like it.

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