Ron Funches on Cute Butts, His Favorite Comic Books, and Being Nice to People

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What kind of comic books are you reading these days? I like Fables right now. I like reading that one a lot because its buttloads of fun. Like Little Red Riding Hood -- it takes stuff like that. It's real fun. And then always Spider-Man and X-men and all that type of stuff.

How much do you relate to your character Shelly on Undateable? Very much. We're very similar. He's just fun, kind of space cadet, a little bit just out off in his own world but really smart and just very loyal. He loves his friend and the city. I like to think that I'm all of those things. We're very similar. He's just a little more peppy and a little more naive than me, but very similar.

Shelly's a bit shy with the ladies. Are you the same way? Yeah, definitely a little bit. I'm not really a big one-night-stand type of guy. I have a nice girlfriend now, but it took me a while to get her, so I'm going to hold onto her for as long as I can.

Which do you like more: stand-up or television? I think they go hand in hand. They help each other out. The more television I do, the more people come see me do stand-up. And I feel like the better I get at stand-up, the more people are interested in me doing TV. I like them both. They're like two kids. Stand-up is my first kid and I love him, but then I was like, "Whoa, there's this new kid and I didn't know I could love him as much as the first one!"

So what's the ultimate goal /dream? I'm kind of living it. I'm on a fun show and working on fun movies and other projects. But what would really be happy with is if I could have my own production company and I was not just helping me make money but I could also help my friends make money and support people that I think are really funny.

What would the Ron Funches biography be called? It'd probably called A Really Chill Dude That Was Really Nice to People and Also Got to Touch a Lot of Cute Butts: The Ron Funches Story.

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