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Roosevelt Row Construction to Continue Through February 2015

Roosevelt Row is getting a facelift that's 10 years in the making. The downtown Phoenix arts district began what is estimated to be a nine-month construction project on Monday, June 9. The project, which is result of joint efforts by the Roosevelt Row CDC and the City of Phoenix, aims to improve and highlight the Row's growing pedestrian features.

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Scheduled to be completed by February of 2015, this construction project extending along East Roosevelt Street between Central Avenue and Third Street will provide wider sidewalks, trees for additional shade, pedestrian lighting, on-street parking, and dedicated bike lanes in both directions. All of which will be funded through the City of Phoenix, Maricopa Association of Governments, and federal funds.

Throughout the construction business most effected by the construction, such as The Nash, Golden Rule Tattoo, Carly's Bistro, MonOrchid, Songbird Coffee, GreenHaus, and Revolver Records, will remain open, and First and Third Fridays will continue as planned. For those commuting through Roosevelt Row, designated lanes will be provided. Construction will be concentrated on the south side of the street throughout the summer and move to the north side in the fall. However, during the Pro Bowl and 2015 Super Bowl 2015 construction will halt temporarily.

Although Roosevelt Row businesses owners expressed some concern in a press release issued by the Roosevelt Row CDC on Monday, June 9, ultimately, the supporters of the project believe it "will benefit the entire community," as stated by Carly's owner Carla Wade Logan.

For more information about the construction on Roosevelt Row, visit or e-mail [email protected].

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