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Roosevelt Row's First Friday Street Closure Meeting Tonight

Downtown Phoenix's First Fridays could look a little different after a public discussion tonight at MonOrchid.

The Phoenix Police Department and Roosevelt Row came to an agreement in June to postpone road closures, citing the summer's heat and lack of sufficient patrolling resources.

The heat faded, but Phoestival -- the street wide art party/shenanigan fest that took place in the closed streets along Roosevelt -- remained canceled.

Talk of potential revival of Phoestival or its moving to another street is likely to spark a lively conversation between artists, downtown gallery and business owners, Phoestival fiends and law enforcement.

More information and meeting details after the jump ...

The First Friday community has long been divided between law enforcement, who cite public safety and recommend the closure of Roosevelt, business owners who argue the pre-festival street closures' cost/benefit on business, and attendees who take part in the walk that draws thousands to downtown monthly.

Sergeant Chas Clemets of the Phoenix Police Department writes that during the meeting, he and other department members will "listen to business owners and community for possible new ideas that would allow the street closures to occur, and not cause a public safety concern and continued use of more than 30 on-duty officers in the area."

Don't fret if you can't watch the sparks fly tonight -- we'll have a recap tomorrow right here on Jackalope Ranch.

Tonight's meeting is at 6 p.m. at MonOrchid, 214 E Roosevelt Street. For more information call 602-534-1029.

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