Rosemary Gee's Going to The Cannes International Film Festival ... And Is Looking for Donations

Any film student in America would probably love to go to the Cannes International Film Festival. And some can through an internship program. Only 20 students in the United States are chosen for the internship every year -- and this year, one of them is from Phoenix.

Arizona native Rosemary Gee was selected for the internship, and she's excited and nervous -- mostly because she has eight weeks to raise $4,000 for the trip. (The Cannes International Film Festival starts on May 11.)

To that end, Gee's doing everything she can to get the money to get to France.

Gee will be graduating in June from the

Metropolitan Arts Institute in Phoenix

, where she's studying film editing, directing, and writing. She works six nights a week at a Streets of New York restaurant, and says she's saved $850 since she started gathering travel funds a week ago.

If Gee can raise the $4,000 she needs to get to Cannes, she says she'll be working (most likely as a waitress) at the American Pavilion at Cannes, which would give her opportunities to network with people in the film industry. She'd also get credentials to attend the film festival, which is not open to the general public.

Gee's opportunity came about after she filled out an online application for the Cannes internship. She says she then had to answer ten essay questions, followed by a 30-minute phone interview. She's fluent in English and Spanish, and says she's currently learning French.

Gee's planning a fundraiser show at the Trunk Space on January 22, where' she'll sing, perform skits, and read poetry at the event, along with performers including Clay Martin, Naked for Now, Chris Parra, and Jen Sandoval.

Gee points out that donations up to $400 per couple or $200 per individual are tax-deductible. If you'd like to learn more about how to help Gee, check out her blog about Cannes at rbag.tumblr.com.

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