Personal Space

Sarah Spencer and Erik Nicewarner's Creative Crib

Sarah Spencer and her husband Erik Nicewarner have a lot going on and most of it happens at home.

Sarah is currently writing her first novel, contributing to several craft project books and guest blogging on various craft and gardening sites such as Mixology Crafts and Xeriscape Today. She's also learning to play the bass and the mandolin.

Erik (too busy to be photographed) owns The Uncarved Block, a building and remodeling company in Phoenix and also blogs about cycling and his projects on The Cyclocontractor. And to not be outdone by his wife -- Erik is learning to play guitar.

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With all the creative energy moving around, it's no wonder Sarah and Erik have a low-key space.
Comfort and carefully selected objects are their key homemaking ingredients. And as any good product of an antique-filled childhood, Sarah says she believes in decorating her own space with the spirit of pre-loved objects. 

"I love the idea that someone before me owned it and I believe that things take in the spirit of the person who owned it. I think you can tell from looking at a piece, that it's been well cared for and loved." says Sarah.

Eight years ago, Sarah began creating an Eden in her backyard complete with chickens and an Airstream trailer that functions as her craft studio.

"I find the Airstream to be soothing, and at the same time it swirls with energy," says Sarah. "It is, quite literally, the best atmosphere for creativity I have ever experienced."

Check out 26 Letters, Sarah's site to learn more about this crafty chica's projects.

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