SB1070 Postcards by Irma Sanchez

Even though a federal judge blocked key parts of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 this morning, you can still keep your friends, family and distant acquaintances in the immigration-debate loop, postcard style.

These postcards are designed by Irma Sanchez, a local artist who describes her postcards as a personal "bail-out" project. Just in case.

The cards come in packages of three; each scene has a photo captioned, "Viviendo a Arizona," "Trabajando en Arizona" or "La Vida en Arizona" (Coming to Arizona, Working in Arizona and Living in Arizona).

They are currently sold for $5 (though prices vary) out of Phoenix retail shops including Sweets n' Beats, Toast Breakfast Boutique, Fair Trade Cafe and Of the Earth Cafe. The Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center and 2345 Gallery also carry the postcards cards. Sanchez says she may post the cards on craigslist and eBay if they do well in the stores.

"I see a lot of broken spirits, and I can feel fear on the streets because of this SB1070 movement," she writes. "There is serious change happening, and I'd like to capture some it to let people know they are not alone, and maybe for my Artistic efforts to be a part of American History.

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton