Scandalesque, Best Coast, Wavves, and The Exhibit Over the Weekend

The Exhibit at ALAC Gallery 147 Gennaro Garcia and George Yepes opened up a world of new art at The Exhibit this weekend...see photos.

Tease, a Scandalesque Burlesque What do you get when you combine burlesque dancers, a boxing ring stage, a prohibition era warehouse and the MIstress of Tease herself, Blissom Booble? A sexy spectacle known as Scandalesque at The Duce...see photos

Best Coast at Clubhouse Music Venue Last Night You know what record is severely -- "criminally," one might say if they were given to old timey rock writer sayings -- underrated? Hole's Live Through This. Some (a lot? a bit? -- I'm not exactly sure) of this certainly has to do with the oft-whispered allegations that Kurt Cobain wrote the record. He may have (he didn't) but, either way, that does little to dull the fact that it's one of the very, very best albums of the 90s. In fact, if he had written it that'd be so much the better for its sterling reputation...full story

See: Best Coast and Wavves in photos

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