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Scandalesque Performs Sexy Sci-Fi at Phoenix Center for the Arts

All right sci-fi nerds, the Phoenix Center for the Arts has your entertainment quadrant covered for the next two weeks. Scandalesque will present Sexy Sci-Fi in an eight-show run at the venue, where you can catch your favorite sci-fi ladies sexed up in an action packed burlesque show. "Sexy Sci-Fi is a place where all your nerd fantasies come to life," Scandalesque founder Christy Zandlo says.

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Live music, comedy, acrobatics, and cheeky babes? We're there. Zandlo says the show will cover seven popular sci-fi classics: Cocoon, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, X-Men, Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Star Wars, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As if those nerd-tastic references paired with scantily-clad ladies weren't entertainment enough, a costume contest will be held during each show. Attendees are encouraged to go all out. "This isn't like Comicon," Zandlo says. "It's an adult show, so get crazy. There are so many possibilities for sexy costumes out there."

There you have it. Dust off those Leia buns or, better yet, bust out a gold bikini and strut your stuff. Contest winners will receive gift cards from Rag-O-Rama, Salon D'Shayn, and Scandalesque. A photobooth will be set up to record the night's happenings, and the audience also will have photo ops with Scandalesque's resident contortionist.

Showtimes are 7 and 9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays from June 28 through July 6. Tickets range from $25 to to $35, and group rates arer available. VIP tickets cost $55 and include front row seats, a meet-and-greet with the cast, and a complimentary bottle of wine.

For more info visit the Sexy Sci-Fi event page, or find them on Facebook.

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Laura Armenta