Scandalesque's Sexy Sci-Fi is a Must-See at Phoenix Center for the Arts

When you hear the words "science fiction," the last thing that comes to mind are pole-dancing, pasties-wearing, baton-twirling, seductive vixens. But

Scandalesque's Sexy Sci-Fi

bridges that gap perfectly.

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The first thing seen when walking up Phoenix Center for the Arts' steps just before showtime are scantily-clad ladies walking about and a contortionist doing her thing in a photo booth. There is definite buzz as everyone grabs a drink and make their way into their seat. Suddenly Kelly with a Big Ol' K, the night's MC, bursts onto the stage with a kitschy song and dance. Just like that the mood is set for the rest of the night. She keeps the audience engaged and on its toes with one-liners and impressive booty shaking abilities. As the show progresses, hilarity ensues when Spock and Captain Kirk battle it out in the ultimate tango-off.

Scandalesque Presents Sexy Sci-Fi from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

But Scandalesque isn't in it just for the laughs. The ladies of Sexy Sci-Fi aren't just pretty faces and bangin' bodies. They mean business with downright dangerous and jaw-dropping stunts. Routines on the lyra, aerial silk, chains, rope, and pole are seriously impressive and demonstrate athletic ability and strength most of us only dream of.

Our verdict: Sexy Sci-Fi is a must-see. The show is well-executed, attention grabbing from the get-go, and hilarious. Our only complaint was how fast time seemed to fly when fixated on smokin' hot babes.

Performances continue through Saturday, July 6, with showtimes at 7 and 10 p.m. Visit the Sexy Sci-Fi event page for more information.

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