Scorpius Dance Theater Brings Choreographer Showcase to Center Stage in Kick-A

Lisa Starry has made a name for herself in the Phoenix metro dance scene with her highly sought-after choreography, her annual cult classic production of A Vampire Tale, and of course, her long running Scorpius Dance Theater.

This month, Starry and her dance team will premiere the much-anticipated performance Kick-A. The show is a local spinoff of the nationally acclaimed Carnival: Choreographers Ball, in which Starry found the "Best in the West" for Scorpius Dance Theater's first-annual choreographer showcase.

Starry held auditions in California and Arizona to find her featured choreographers which include: Alex Adams, Jay Bowy, Bridgette Caron, Angel Castro, Liliana Gomez, Ingrid Graham, David Griswold, Lisa Hammond, Anca Mihalcescu, Nicole Olson, Larisa Perez, Gavin Sisson, Elisa Reed, Travis Renfried, Wen Chu Yang, Jose Soto, Anthony Uzzanti, and Cat Viger.

In addition to the new numbers by regional choreographers, Starry will be revealing five new dance numbers of her own.

The show will feature popular music, contemporary styles, and high-energy performances that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. And given the success of Scorpius Theater's past productions, including A Vampire Tale, CATWALK, and 10, we expect nothing less than a kick-ass performance.

So if you feel too square for hip hop and too bored by ballet, Kick-A is your ticket to have your socks thoroughly knocked off.

Nightly shows will be held at the Phoenix Little Theater, May 3 through 5 at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. (May 3 will only offer 7:30pm).

You can purchase tickets for $15 by calling the Phoenix Theater box office at 602-254-2151 or by visiting

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Katie Johnson
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