Scorpius Dance Theater Presents Dreaming in Water at Chandler Center for the Arts, April 13

Fans of Lisa Starry and her choreography might remember Water Dreams, her original water-themed production that debuted more than 10 years ago.

It won her rave reviews, and in the years since, she's only ingratiated herself all the more with Valley dance aficionados through her consistently lovable works, including the annual fall production of A Vampire Tale.

Next month, Starry and Scorpius Dance Theater will present Dreaming in Water at Chandler Center for the Arts, a family-friendly production that will use dance, aerial arts, film, and music to transport the audience to a dream world where water is king.

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Inspired by Starry's youngest son Leo, the production tells a story through the eyes of a boy's imagination and includes fictional characters such as water nymphs as well as plenty of comedic elements (there's a scene in which dancers must perform synchronized swimming in a mini-pool).

The show is broken into numerous sections. It opens with an opening film created entirely underwater that features Scorpius' dancers and Starry's son. Each part of the show explores a different theme, from the power of thunder and lightning to an exploration of the ocean and its underwater life. Dancers will bring action to the stage through original choreographed works and aerial arts.

Though the production includes some elements from the original work, added to this second version are many new scenes, such as an aerial silks section that re-creates ocean life at night and an aerial bungee scene mimicking the movement of jellyfish.

Dreaming in Water features underwater filming and video production by Josh Kasselman, lighting by Mike Eddy, music by Kristofer Hill, and costumes by George Johnson. Some of the original Water Dreams music by Brian Breen will return, as will Los Angeles guest choreographer Liz Casebolt's piece Desert Mirage and original costumes by Jacqueline Barnard.

Catch the one-night-only show on April 13 at Chandler Center for the Arts at 8 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 480-782-2680 or visiting the Chandler Center for the Arts website and start at $26 a person.

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