Scorpius Dance Theatre's Back on Kickstarter to Bring "A Vampire Tale" to the UK

Lisa Starry and her Scorpius Dance Theatre have big plans on the other side of the pond.

Every October, the contemporary dance theatre has performed Starry's "A Vampire Tale" to audiences in Phoenix. Last year, the group was invited to ​The Bram Stoker International Film Festival -- four days of vampires, fake blood, and sci-fi thrillers in the English town Count Dracula called home, Whitby.

And this year, they've been invited back -- given they can raise the funds to make the trip.

Starry calls the show, which has been running for 9 years, "the 'Nutcracker' of Halloween," and if she and her 25-member cast and crew can raise $5,000 to help cover airfare (in total, it will cost the company close to $25,000 to hop the pond), they'll be able to perform again on the international stage.

But the clock is ticking.

As of this morning, the fundraising efforts were close to $2,000 with less than 3 days left (in Kickstarter world, an individual or group must raise the full goal amount in order to receive any funding).

Starry has a number of incentives for those who donate -- including program shout-outs, T-shirts, tickets to A Vampire Tale when it returns to Phoenix, and signed posters -- and she notes that all donations are tax deductible. For more info, check out Scorpius Dance Theatre's Kickstarter page.

A Vampire Tale will be in Phoenix October 11 through November 3 at Phoenix Theatre's Little Theatre. For tickets, call 602 254-2151.

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