Scottsdale Fashion Week, Elton John, Joanna Newsom, and First Friday Over the Weekend

Scottsdale Fashion Week: In Review ​Crowds of fashion-conscious (and not-so-conscious) gathered on the Scottsdale asphalt this weekend to celebrate the leading names in local and national fashion. It was the fifth year of Scottsdale Fashion Week -- an event that's been held at the Scottsdale Waterfront and SouthBridge. This year, the runways, bright lights and thumping fashion-show beats were in large white tents outside of Scottsdale Fashion Square. Three nights (read: Fashion Weekend) showcased emerging and established designers, whose shows ranged from engaging to embarrassing...full story

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Joanna Newsom at Orpheum Theatre Last Night If there is one word that best describes Joanna Newsom's latest album, Have One On Me, it's "ambitious." Honestly, is there any other way to describe a triple album? In a lot of ways that ambition makes the record a tough listen. That's not a knock on Newsom; musically there is no denying it is a good record. But when you take into consideration Newsom's odd vocals, the minimalism of many songs, and the fact that most tracks are over five minutes in length, it can be tough record to sit through from beginning to end...full story

Elton John and Leon Russell at US Airways Center Last Night Elton John and Leon Russell let their fingers do the talking at last night's show at the US Airways Center. John was, of course, the main attraction and the singer's solo set was hit after hit, satisfying a crowd full of people who wanted to hear their favorite of his songs. Not that they all came out sounding just like on the albums. And not that his touring partner got the same reception...full story

See: Elton John and Leon Russell in photos.

First Friday: November 2010 Slightly cooler than normal weather was not enough to keep the kids at bay during another Downtown Phoenix First Friday. Fire dancers danced. Painters painted...with their mouths. Artists sold prints and pieces while rock bands with Day of the Dead make up thrashed in front of Revolver Records...see photos.

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Jonathan McNamara