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Scottsdale Glee: Putting More Joy (and Less Glitter) into Youth Performance

Attention young music minds (and lovers of the musical television show who'd like to introduce their children to real-life performing arts): Scottsdale Glee is now enrolling.

The Arcadia-based children's choir, for 5- to 15-year-olds, is looking for new members for the Spring semester, which begins January 31.

The choir's also holding a celebratory concert where you and your kid can get a feel for Scottsdale Glee on January 24 at Shepherd of The Hills, 5524 East Lafayette Boulevard, starting at 6 p.m..

No slushies, they promise.

Musician and singer Nola Enge started the youth choir in September after she says she couldn't find a performance group for her kids that wasn't covered in pageant-themed glitz. Enge has since brought a team of local, talented music educators on board, including organist and pianist Christine Kyhn and actress and performer Lisa Fogel.

The three women spearhead the Scottsdale Glee effort, which focuses on live performance, vocal and ear training, choreography, harmonizing and singing with live instruments. Most of all, Enge says, it's about putting the joy back into youth performance.

Weekly, one hour rehearsals run from January 31 through May 16, and semester enrollment is $290.

For more information about enrollment and plans for Spring Glee music camps, check out Scottsdale Glee's website or call 480.204.3975.

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