Scottsdale Public Art to Host ISConnects Panel Discussion A Conversation: Sculpture + Architecture

On Thursday, May 16, Scottsdale Public Art is teaming up with the International Sculpture Center (ISC) to bring an ISConnets event to the Hotel Valley Ho. A Conversation: Sculpture + Architecture will be a panel discussion followed by a sunset reception on the rooftop of the Midcentury Modern hotel.

With Matt Lehrman moderating, panelists Will Bruder, Kendall Buster, and Jeffrey Stein will explore the junctions between architecture and sculpture.

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The panelists have all made names for themselves in the field: Will Bruder is a well-known Arizona architect, Kendall Buster is a sculptor with an architectural background, and Jeffrey Stein is president of Cosanti Foundation.

The discussion promises to be a rousing one. ISConnects events have taken place across the country with the goal of examining "the unique perspectives on sculpture in the contemporary art world," according to the ISC website.

A Conversation: Sculpture + Architecture will take place on Thursday, May 16 at 6 p.m. at the Hotel Valley Ho. The event is $10, and you can purchase tickets here. For more info, visit the Scottsdale Public Art website.

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Katrina Montgomery