Scottsdale Ranked No. 1 City for Free (Yes, Free) Plastic Surgery

Because you never know what you can get until you ask, the brain trust at crunched some slightly disturbing numbers this week.

The self-described "original sugar daddy dating site" has kept tabs on what participating "sugar babies" are asking from their matched "sugar daddies." The list includes college tuition, rent, and credit card payments, but the site also found that a growing number of people are asking for cash to assist with plastic surgery.

And Scottsdale topped the list.

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Beating out Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, and San Jose, the Scottsdale-based ladies of want more than just paper and plastic.

The survey concluded that of the plastic surgery, breast augmentation ranks the highest in number of requests, followed by liposuction, facelifts, nose jobs and botox, lower body lift, abdominoplasty, and laser and skin-tightening procedures.


According to the dating site, many of its participants are open with information and experiences, including one who writes, "I could work 24/7 and would never be able to aford [sic] to pay for my own boob job." And another, "I've waited years to have my nose fixed and I'm not against having a generous benefactor pay for it . . . This is one of the main reasons I found a Sugar Daddy in the first place."

Steve Pasternak, CEO of, says that Scottsdale has been a popular area for sugar daddies for years: "Based on our overall membership, Scottsdale remains one of the sugar daddy capitals of the world."

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Claire Lawton
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