Scottsdale's Wild Knight Club in Photos

After spending the past few weeks wondering and speculating what the interior of exclusive Scottsdale club Wild Knight would look like, New Times was given a sneak peek inside the place during last night's grand opening.

As we've previously reported, the club's management and staff will be extremely selective in whom it allows to party within the confines of the posh Old Town establishment. They also won't allow patrons to snap any photographs inside the club, hoping to maintain a certain clandestine and secretive aura.

​Though there aren't any knights in shining armor or dragons about inside Wild Knights, its décor features wrought iron light fixtures decorating the club and mix with plenty of patent leather, baroque furniture, and elegant engraved mirrors

A large canopy hangs from the ceiling and is both lighted with a purple glow and is surrounded by chain mail. Meanwhile, the usual assortment of darkened VIP areas offer posh seating upholstered in red velour and black tuck-and-roll leatherette while the bartending staff pours top-shelf liquor selections behind bars at either end of the club.

According to both the management and the doorman at Wild Knights, it's gonna take stylish threads and a big bankroll to get access. So unless you fit these requirements, the closest you're going to get to peeping the place is by checking out our slideshow of Wild Knights pictures here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.