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Screen Siren

Andrea Beesley-Brown wants to be a bad girl. Really. And the New Zealand native is naughty in her way; the 27-year-old "Midnite Movie Mamacita" unspools schlocky B-movies at Paper Heart and beats the crap out of her competitors as captain of the Brutal Beauties/Beauty Pageant Rejects team in the Arizona Derby Dames roller-derby league. She used to shoplift — "mainly mood rings and Stephen King books," she says with a laugh — and she does let fly a profanity now and then. She eventually wants to get a tattoo, but is hesitant because she doesn't think her parents would approve.

On that note, she doesn't drink or smoke, frequently uses the word "neat," racks her brain to come up with one truly evil thing she's ever done, and donates a portion of the proceeds from her screenings to animal-protection organizations. "I have five dogs," she says, "so I have a lot of hair in my house. I have a hairy house."

No, I'm Bad, I Swear
I show dirty movies, and all of them have, like, nudity and profanity and violence and stuff. I'll get mad when I'm playing roller derby and start yelling obscenities at people. I'm not a big fighter, but I got into one fight. This girl tripped me up and then started laying into me, so I started laying into her back. You're not allowed to hit each other in the face or the boobs, but you can smack each other's helmets, so I was smackin' her helmet. And then I manage a burlesque troupe [Scandalesque]. That's kind of sinful.

Mom de Plume
I met the Meyer girls [the stars of Russ Meyer's 1965 sexploitation film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!], and I was, like, "I'd love to bring you guys out to Phoenix to do something." And they said, "Okay, let's do it." And then I was, like, "Oh, shit, now I really have to do it." I decided I needed to create a persona for myself, because I really don't want to go by my real name — it's kinda boring. And I always call my girlfriends "mamacita," 'cause I have Latina girlfriends. People are, like, "Why 'mamacita'?, 'cause they meet me and I'm some white chick from New Zealand.

B Good
I've always been into stuff like H.R. Pufnstuf. We used to watch that religiously growing up. Then I was watching, late at night at a sleepover, A Boy and His Dog with Don Johnson. Oh, he's so hot! It's kinda like this weird B-movie thing, and it was really cool. I love the way [B-movies] are filmed, the color of the film, everything about it.

The Future Is Chow
I'd like to do something with Mink Stole. That would be awesome. My ultimate thing would be to get Pam Grier [star of the 1974 blaxpoitation film Foxy Brown and Quentin Tarantino's 1997 Foxy homage Jackie Brown]. Ultimately, I want to be a small-business owner. I really want to have my own place where I can show crazy movies and people can come and drink and eat and just laugh at — and appreciate — these crazy old films.

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