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"See America" Project Revival Crowdsources Art

Historically America and its artists have seen their fair share of tough times. Following the Great Depression, President Roosevelt's New Deal did its part to help the country and its creatives get back on their feet with the Works Progress Administration's "See America" project.

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"See America" was a poster campaign that highlighted the natural landmarks of United States. And while the works themselves will forever remain classics, the Creative Action Network (CAN), in partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association, and Posters For The People, is commissioning a new collection of artists to breathe some new life into the campaign.

This "See America" revival is a crowdsourced art campaign that features graphic designs and illustrations of artists throughout the United States. In order to contribute a poster design to the campaign, interested artists must showcase a specific natural, cultural, or historic site in one of the 50 states as well as follow a few additional guidelines set forth by CAN.

While the campaign has already kicked off this month with exhibitions at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York, and at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, California, new poster design contributions are still being accepted and additional exhibitions will be held across the country.

Posters featuring the original "See America" designs as well as new designs are available for purchase on the See America website, with 40 percent of the proceeds going directly to the artists.

To browse the featured posters state by state, or to contribute your own design (note: Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin have yet to have any submissions), visit the See America Project online.

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