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Seed Spot to Host Kickoff Party for Third Cohort of Ventures

They're at it again. The Phoenix-based non-profit for startup businesses, Seed Spot, has selected its third batch of ventures to undergo its coveted four-month incubation program and, tonight, it's introducing the chosen applicants to the rest of the Phoenix community.

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After sifting through a pool of international applicants, Seed Spot decided on 11 entrepreneurial ventures that it thought best fit this year's theme of social impact. As usual, these innovative ideas could fall anywhere on a wide spectrum of such concentrations as childcare, civic engagement, education, environment, healthcare, and human rights.

On Thursday, February 20, guests of Seed Spot's special kickoff party will have a chance to meet and greet the select group of ventures, including Agriscaping, Intelligence, Gave in America, Max on Snacks, Operation Kindness, Rugged Communications, Skate After School, Spell Africa Initiative, TableTop, Tiny Steps to Health, and YaoNotes, LLC.

Seed Spot's party starts at 5:30 p.m. at See Spot Headquarters. Admission is free but RSVPs are required. Visit for details.

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Katie Johnson
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