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Selfies at Serious Places is the Best/Worst Tumblr Ever

One man's loss is another man's gain. Or in this case, it's another man's tasteless selfie.

When narcissism turns negligent, no photo blog documents it better than Selfies at Serious Places. Our new favorite Tumblr to love and hate simultaneously, this site pays tribute to the selfish men and women who boldly fought the urge to pose with duckfaces at the Berlin Wall -- and lost.

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Scouring social media services like Twitter and Instagram, Fast Company senior editor Jason Feife, username @heyfeifer, compiles pictures of the inappropriate moments "when you just *have* to document it."

The fairly new Tumblr features shameful selfies including people posing at Auschwitz, the 9/11 memorial, their grandmother's funeral (with said dead grandma in the background), and giving the thumbs up at the Anne Frank memorial. That last one actually received a response from the original photographer, who, to his credit, apologized for his inconsiderate behavior and politely begged for the photo to be taken down.

Feife responded by posting the guy's letter on the site then following it up with the response that he too agrees that people should not be defined by one very poor yet well-documented decision, and invited other disgraced users to join in on the conversation.

If they apologize, Feife has agreed not to remove their incriminating evidence but to at least censor their faces and contact info.

See if you made the lineup of Selfies in Serious Places.

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