Sequined Street Art by Theresa Himmer

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Theresa Himmer skips the spray paint, wheat pastes, and stickers when she takes to the streets. 

While these materials are common in her Icelandic street art community, the Danish artist writes that when she creates large-scale lava flows, waterfalls, and glaciers on old buildings, she'd rather use sequins. 

"The sequin system [created with a series of large, shiny discs strung from plywood] is a hyper commercial product that comes from the world of advertising and display ... Within this context, the sequin's constant movement and flickering is desirable as a means of catching the consumer's eye. Meanwhile I was interested in how these visual qualities also recall how landscapes respond to changes in wind and light."

The sequins move like water and "address the relationship between natural and artificial," while serving as a critique of the increasing commodification of the country's natural landscape. 

See more of Himmer's work on her website.

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