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Seven Calls to Phoenix Artists

Looking for something to keep your mind off the sweltering heat? Aside from a cold drink, here are a few suggestions to ensure that the only juices flowing are your creative ones: 

1. Altar Submissions for Central Gallery: 
Burton Barr Central Library is seeking proposals for altars inspired by el Dia de Los Muertos, the Hispanic holiday celebrating the dead. Up to 10 proposals will be selected for the exhibit, titled "Adorned in Memories, Written in Stone," to go up from October 25 to November 5.

Altars must be freestanding, no more than 3-feet deep by 4-feet long and 8-and-a-half feet tall. Applicants should submit written proposals of their altars, which are to including the reason for the altar, items you will place on it, and how it reflects the theme of the celebration by September 2, to Central Gallery, with an application fee of $5. 

Selected artists will be notified by September 23, and install begins on October 22. 

For more information or questions, visit the Phoenix Public Library website or email [email protected] 

2. Artists for Herberger Theater Art Gallery Exhibits: 
The Herberger Theater Art Gallery is looking for artists wanting to show their work DURING its first two exhibits, themed in 2012. The themes are "A Hundred Years in the Desert: A Centennial Show" and "Still Here: Aging in America." 

"A Hundred Years in the Desert: A Centennial Show" is scheduled to show from January through March 2012, and "Still Here: Aging in America" from April through June 2012. 

Check out the applications and more information at the Herberger Theater Art Gallery website. Applications must be submitted by October 5, with a $20 fee. 

3. Local Arts Zine Seeks Contributors 
Restless: An Arts Anthology, an East Valley's arts rag, is looking for material to publish in their fourth issue. 

Founded in 2010, the zine covers a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, reviews and even visual arts (as long as they translate well to black-and-white print). 

Written submissions must be less than 10,000 words and include a short bio. Edited and complete works for the fourth issue will be accepted until September, 9, 2011. 

Check out Restless Anthology's website for more information. 

4. Hand-Drawn Calendar 

Project Doodlers Anonymous, an online home for spontaneous art enthusiasts, is wrapping up its 2012 hand-drawn calendar project. Work from invited artists and showcase winners will be included in the product, but they're missing one last month: October. 

Contributors are free to design the layout of the calendar however they want, as long as they include hand-drawn artwork and "some kind of blocks for the days of the week." 

Entries must be saved at hi-resolution (no less than 300dpi) and no larger than 2mb, and submitted by September 1, 2011. For more information, visit their site

5. Practical Art's OPEN KNIT 
Practical Art, THE craft retail and gallery space on Camelback Road and Central Avenue, is holding an OPEN KNIT session so lovers of all things fibre can socialize and share ideas, inspirations and motivations in their knitting endeavors. 

The session is free and scheduled following a one-hour knitting lesson by Meghan Jones, on September 24, 2011, from 2 to 3 p.m. 

For more information, visit the event page

6. Artist Call for Phoenix Market Celebration: 
Local artist Hugo Medina is organizing a Day of the Dead celebration at the Phoenix Market including art, food and live entertainment. He's looking for artists, poets, musicians, DJs, dance groups and volunteers to get the party started on November 4. 

Word of caution: The event is an all-nighter, scheduled to run from 8 p.m. on November 4, (First Friday) to 8 a.m. November 5. Artists looking to be involved are expected to create a mural from start to finish beginning when the event kicks off and finishing by its end morning. 

For more information, visit the event page or contact Hugo at [email protected] 

7. Phoenix Design Week Poster Show 
Brush off your design skills and work on a poster for Phoenix Design Week. 

The annual celebration of local and national design is accepting submissions for its third annual poster exhibition. The theme of the poster exhibition is "Perception," so artists are encouraged to create a poster reflecting what it means to them. 

All entries will be displayed on the site, with favorites printed and shown at one of the exhibition spaces, and are due on September 15, 2011. To download a template and submit entries, visit their site.

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