Seven of the Most Expensive Spa Treatments in the World

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3. Grand Luxe Facial

$750 at Spa Radiance in San Francisco

When even gold and wine aren't strong enough, this place brings out the big guns: diamonds and caviar, baby. During this three-hour treatment, an aesthetician uses a combination of the technology has to offer and some wickedly expensive ingredients to cleanse and rejuvenate the deep layers of your skin. First on the list, a decadent diamond peel followed by micro currents meant to remove blackheads and spots while also stimulating collagen production. The second course, a rich caviar mask, and omega-6 eye treatment to moisturize before finishing off with a little LED light therapy. Oh, and don't forget the hand and foot massages followed by warm mitts and booties.

2. Evian Bath

$5,000 at Spa V at Hotel Victor in South Beach, Florida

We don't deny that a day at the beach can do quite a number on the skin, but an Evian bath? Really? Available exclusively to guests staying at the hotel's $6,000-a-night penthouse, this bath means taking 1,000 bottles of Evian water, dumping them into a tub with some rose petals for good measure and hopping in. Of course for your money (if you do the math, the water alone only accounts for about $2,000), you also get a bottle of champagne, a dessert, and two spa treatments.

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