Seven Summer Style Essentials with Butter Toast Boutique's Traci Nelson

Butter Toast Boutique co-owner Traci Nelson knows hot summer days are ahead. "I'm totally regretting wearing these boots today," she laughs, pointing to some dark leather lace-ups.

But the shop girl has a few tricks up her vintage, flowy sleeves for staying cool (and fashionable) throughout the summer months. Here are her top picks for trendy, wearable must-haves this season.

7. Lace Given that Butter Toast gives off haute hippie, boho-chic vibes, it wasn't surprising that Nelson picked lace as a must-try trend. After all, she was wearing a lace dress.

6. Wedges "You can do them with cut-offs or a dress," she says. Find a towering vintage pair from the '70s and embrace your inner Farrah Fawcett.

5. Cut-Offs Always on-trend, Nelson suggested looking for high-waist versions of the summery standbys.

4. Accordion Pleats Look for pleats from delicate to bold for airy, breathable skirting.

3. Maxi Skirts Toss on a tank top, a colorful maxi skirt, and sandals for a warm weather look that can transition from day to night.

2. Colored Denim Pick a color -- any color. Nelson says that jeans in blues, pinks, and yellows have been her favorites, but she's seeing lots of greens spring up, too.

1. Rayon Grunge Dresses The ultimate one-piece fashion statement, this dress is an ode to grungy '90s fashion that reads less Courtney Love and more Slacker. "They're light and easy to wear," Nelson says. "And they'll work with boots or sandals."

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