Seven Things We Loved that Died this Week on Pinterest

Oh, it's a curse to have a good eye. Those who used to spend hours gleaning the latest Crate and Barrel catalogs and pages of Martha Stewart and ReadyMade (RIP), gathering inspiration for their next home-improvement projects and party ideas, now only have to install a small button on the top of their browsers and hit "Pin It." 

Yes, Pinterest is like a great way to organize ideas, share our latest finds with friends, and show the world that we're damn crafty, but it also continues to sever the life expectancy of a few of our favorite things, which after being introduced to the pin cloud, liked by thousands, and repinned by a thousand more, go to die in the land of "oh, yeah, I pinned that yesterday." 

It's a cruel death by social media. Thanks to Pinterest, here are seven things we'll miss. 

3561 likes 176 comments 40,072 repins
Affiliations aside, Easter's fun. The holiday brings about a pallet of pastels, cute bunny marshmallows, and countless ways to organize and reorganize our baskets and centerpieces à la Matthew Mead. 

And then they were Pinned. More than 40,000 repins later, we're wishing we'd never searched egg dying and jelly bean jars.

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Claire Lawton
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