Sex Bob-Omb

Director Edgar Wright once said that he structured Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World like a musical, only the characters broke out into fights instead of songs. If you didn’t give this paean to the Nintendo generation a look the first time around, or even if you did, Scott Pilgrim vs. The Midnight is your chance to take in this tale of 1UP-smanship properly: at a festival with free garlic bread.

Bring some stunt doubles and dress up for the pre-show costume contest as your favorite character: Evil Ex, a member of The Clash at Demonhead, Crash and the Boys or Sex Bob-Omb. Stick around for the trivia contests, Scott Pilgrim video games and Air-Bass battle/Envy Adams Wannabe Contest. It should be worth the trip from Brampton, Ontario, even if Wallace Wells ends up stealing your boyfriend.

Sat., Dec. 4, 11 p.m., 2010
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Nicholas Gerbis