Sh*t Nerds Never Say: "It's Just a Video Game"

By now we've all seen the video Shit Girls Say and all its subsequent spin-offs, like Shit Guys Say, Shit Yogis Say, Shit Monks Say, Shit Vegans Say -- it just goes on.

While you probably feel these stereotype shorts have jumped the virtual shark (we sure did), you should take a minute to check out the newest video to put a twist on the viral trend.

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Shit Nerds Never Say is a one-minute compilation of all the things no self-respecting nerd would be caught dead saying. Offering everything from their views on women in geek culture to their thoughts on fan fiction, Shit Nerds Say delivers the poorly acted antithesis of dork creed.

Shit Nerds Don't Say was created by Kevin Maher and Bill Scurry at this year's New York Comic Con. While the video will make sense to jocks and cool kids alike, Shit Nerds Say will obviously hit closest to home for anyone whose every camped out for a Star Trek première or spent a month creating the perfect cosplay ensemble.

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