Shake! Your Mother-Friggin' Booty

Be he ever so humble -- and he really is, as you'll see -- there's no one quite like William Fucking Reed, host of the Shake! Motherfucking Dance Party. First off, what's up with the middle moniker? "My parents weren't very original, I suppose," he says with a laugh. So feel free to call Reed a nasty name; he won't mind. But, all things being equal, he'd rather that you didn't call him a DJ. "I just like to play music that I like," he says. "I don't really feel like I deserve that title when all of my friends are playing drum ´n' bass and house music and stuff like that. The real difference is the music, I suppose. I grew up with people who were, like, electronic-dance music DJs and rave DJs and stuff, and that's the vision of a DJ I have. The type of stuff I'm doing is so different from that. I don't think it's fair to put myself in that same category." Late-night owls would beg to differ. Reed's throbbing turntables crank out a massive mélange of mod, glam, garage, metal, British Invasion, "disco punk" and other hybrid strains for clubbies who try their damnedest to thrash about in the Rogue's shoulder-to-shoulder crush.
Saturdays, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 2005
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Clay McNear
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