Shannon Armour's New Orleans Funeral March, Kickflip Turkey and Friday the 13th Arizona

Name: Shannon Armour (Full disclosure: Shannon Armour is a New Times employee.)

Age: Currently 31; I've been getting tattoos since I was 19.

My Sleeve: Is a New Orleans funeral march, and a tribute to my chihuahua, Ruby, who died in 2008.

It was designed by Chris Rupp of Living Ghost, who incorporated a few of the animals I wanted as well as a few things of Ruby's (like her favorite neon pink mouse toy). It took 7 months to complete.

Check out more of Armour's marks after the jump ...

My Ankle Pieces: I have a turkey doing a kick flip for my Erich, who was actually from Turkey and was deported. He loved skateboarding and a group of five decided to have the turkeys done. They were also designed by Chris Rupp.

And I have a Friday the 13th tattoo, done by Mondo at Immaculate. Every Friday the 13th, a few of the artists come up with designs and if you choose one of them, they'll do the tattoo for $13 (there's a $7 tip, too). I've had a couple of Friday the 13th tattoos done and I thought I might as well get an Arizona tattoo done at the same time.

Next Tattoo: I want to finish my 3/4 sleeve. Tattoos hurt ... a lot, and they're expensive, so I'm not in a rush.

Know of any interesting marks? Send us your suggestions/submissions ....

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