Shark Week: Five Ocean-Themed Video Games to Celebrate the Great Week Under the Sea

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4. Titanic: Adventure out of Time Titanic, while insanely dated, was a truly unique adventure game. It pins the beginnings of WWII on various bits of cargo that were lost in the sinking of the ship. The player is cast as a British secret service agent on a mission to stop a German colonel by the name of Zeitel. The game is both an adventure and a history lesson for the ship's passengers and its design. Multiple endings punctuate the unique nature of the game, as the player's success can actually instigate a new golden age for all of humanity and avert the second World War.

3. Bioshock Bioshock, while not making you actually swim in the ocean, is set in an underwater installation that was originally built as a libertarian paradise. You'll deal with unkempt valves, leaky faucets, and a variety of other water hazards while dodging the Paul Ryan fantasy zombies that stalk you at every turn. You'll also discover that magic powers are harnessed by sea slugs. God and Shark Week willing, we'll soon figure out a way to attack our enemies with a horde of bees after discovering some new sea creature.

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