What Are You Wearing?

Sheila Missy Lectro's Stylish and Sultry Couture

Sheila Missy Lectro is something of a quadruple threat.

Over the past few years she's organized and performed with cabaret troupe the DeViltry Dolls, designed her own line of dancewear and racy couture, starred as a go-go girl at local EDM events, and worked as fashion photographer. (This Friday, you can see her perform with her fellow dolls during Vince Neil's After-Party at 910 Live in Tempe.)

Oh, and the 27-year-old also writes poetry and aspires to be a vocalist to boot.

Fashion work is what takes up the bulk of Missy Lectro's schedule, however, as the graduate of the Academy of Design Tampa spends most of her time creating costumes for her fellow DeViltry dancers as well as for her own label Dolls R'nt Dead.

Most of her designs are a pastiche of old Hollywood glamour, Victorina charm, and burlesque sultriness, and include plenty of silky and flashy ensembles utilizing corsets, bustiers, fishnet stockings, and other stylish unmentionables.

What are you wearing right now? A flouncy bright green sun dress from American Apparel.

What's the last item of clothing you purchased? I typically create new stuff rather than buy, but the last thing I purchased was lingerie from Yandy.

What sort of fashion do you create? I make dancewear and body accessories for performing artists and production shoots. [My] label is called Dolls R'nt Dead. The name revolves around music and the vibrancies bringing dolls to life. It's somewhat metaphorical. Aside from that, I modify some of my own tees, but that's just for myself.

What's the last thing you designed? Elegant tops for the DeViltry Dolls for a performance at Martini Ranch. It was a very "red carpet event" style with a lot of sparkle and a tuxedo influences.

What's the favorite thing you've ever designed? My victorian doll collection for the Madame Trapeze fashion show. When it comes to designing I'm very conceptual therefore I create sets rather than a piece or two. From head-to-toe each model wore handmade wigs, to high-fashion Victorian-inspired tops and waist cinchers, to matching garter belts and leggings.

What influences your designs? High fashion Vogue, vintage 1940s, and alternative innovation. I try to keep it intricate, colorful and classy with dark undertones.

Can you tell us a little bit about your own style? I'm much like a chameleon. My style changes day to day, deriving from my inner emotion, inspired by music. It's consistent though, I wear multiple layering pieces, usually head accessories, stockings, and bulky shoes. The colors however are ever changing -- from my hairstyles, to my makeup, to my stockings. I feel most connected to a vintage alternative girl with red lipstick, big eyes and a visually intriguing appearance.

What's your favorite item of clothing in your closet? Custom one pieces. Much like a leotard for dancers, but more fashion oriented.

What's a fashion trend you can't stand? The faux hipster glasses with or without frames. Coming from someone who's required to wear glasses, it makes us look like we're following a silly fad.

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothes: I was such a tomboy. I grew up playing competitive sports [and] was one of those girls wearing cleats 90 percent of my life. I wore surf and skating clothes with daisy dukes and my hair pulled up. I had some gnarly tan lines going on from two different sports, I remember my legs being embarrassing from that. I was never into makeup, accessories, or heeled shoes until sophomore [year] in high school hit.

What do you like to accessorize with? I accessorize a lot, but definitely dont overdo it. Hats, headbands, flowers, necklaces, rings, belts. I'm kind of ocd about matching everything i'm wearing including my makeup! I'm a visual person, creating a full look is important to me.

Name five items every woman should have in her closet: - A blazer (to snazz up any outfit) - A sundress (for your daytime coziness) - A beach bag (for the spontaneous actions). - A cocktail dress (for an impromptu date). - A clutch purse (to avoid hauling around a huge purse)

What's your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix? Make a statement wherever you go, turn heads, no matter what you're wearing. Phoenix is evolving in the fashion and arts and we must keep our city thriving.

The DeViltry Dolls are scheduled to perform at the Vince Neil After-Party on Friday at 910 Live in Tempe. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $20 for VIP access.

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