Shepard Fairey Pastes in Tempe

Shepard Fairey's wheat pastes may be scattered around Tempe, but don't expect to find him downing a toddy at Cartel or grabbing a few extra supplies at Wet Paint.

Fairey and his street art brand/movement OBEY will be featured in the upcoming Sticker Phiends show, thrown annually by local artist MADONE, aka Mike Neely.

Neely says the work that can be seen around 10th Street and Mill Avenue (where Dave's Doghouse used to be), and on University Drive and Forest Drive (on the old Three Roots) is Fairey's, but was put up by a few of his "cronies," most likely to help publicize the show.

If you're around the ASU Tempe campus, you might be able to spot a few of Fairey's stickers on electrical boxes and telephone poles. Check out more Sticker Phiends information here and more of Fairey's paste photos on phxtaco.com.

Sticker Phiends is on April 8 at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe. Art by OBEY, Dumperfoo, MADONE, HMPH, and more will be on sale (cash only), and drinks will be free with an ID. Stay tuned for more information ...

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