Shine Interview: Country Velador

What kind of shopper are you? Strategic, for sure. Some — like my husband — call it frugal, but I call it strategic. I'm always looking for pieces to go in my house. When my husband and I bought our 1948 ranch, we said we had to love everything we put in it, just as much as we love our house. If we didn't absolutely love it, we weren't going to buy it.

What is your biggest weakness? Are you a sucker for sales, a certain silhouette, functionality, or something else? I am absolutely a sucker for good design. When something is made well, has been thought through, and is functional, that's great design to me.

Describe you hallmark score, your Hall of Fame purchase: The 1950s blue Italian glass chandelier we have hanging over our dining room table that we bought at Modern Lighting in Phoenix. Definitely serendipitous because we just went in to check out the store. My husband and I bought it, looked at each other, and we each said, "Merry Christmas!"


Shine: Your Pocket Guide to Scottsdale

What is the one purchase you can say embodies you the best? My Mandarina Duck purses. Simple, straightforward, functional, a little pizzazz without the drama.

What is the one object/piece you think everyone should have at least one of? If you work a lot on your feet like I do, Danskos, for sure!

How regularly do you cull? Very rarely. In my 20s, I used to wear a lot of vintage clothing that I bought at antique and thrift stores. It's all stored in boxes in my closet now. I'll never ever get rid of them.

Best place in Scottsdale to shop? Scottsdale Marketplace at Scottsdale and Lincoln and Urban Table Larder/Jam, which also holds a farmers market on Thursday nights that is full of really cool stuff (6938 E. 1st St., where we also sell products from our candy company, Super Chunk Sweets & Treats).

Closing remarks: Shop at small businesses; adopt from a rescue group or the pound; go to farmers markets and meet the people that are making the products you can buy; when you travel, take an extra day off so you can relax when you get home; appreciate the people around you, while they are still there; eat more dessert. — Laurie Notaro

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