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Shorty Awards Now Accepting Nominations for the Best in Social Media

There were a lot of greats on social media this past year. There was P. Diddy's cameo on Downton Abbey, My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter on Pinterest, Broken People's PSA on Bitchy Resting Face, and pretty much everything that George Takei posted on Facebook.

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Now it's time to honor those special social media users who helps us waste countless hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and Foursquare with the sixth annual Shorty Awards.

The shorties will be livestreamed from New York on April 7, which gives worldwide webbers plenty of time to nominate their favorite person for any one of the 117 categories and counting. We say "and counting," because in addition to the official categories listed on the Shorty Awards website, anyone can easily create their own community category by tweeting a nomination and attaching a new hashtag.

Finalists are decided based on the number of social media nominations, and then ultimately handed over to the Academy for final consideration.

Not sure who to vote for? Here's a list of some of our favorite Tumblrs throughout the past year to get you started:

Sad Etsy Boyfriend Tumblr Is DIY Humiliation Terrible Real Estate Tumblr is Hilarious and Horrifying Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls Tumblr Is for Sex Kittens Bad Engagement Tumblr Is Save-the-Date Photography at its Saddest Critique My Dick Pick is a Tumblr That Does Just That (NSFW) Drake-ing Bad Tumblr: Drizzy Does Breaking Bad Selfies at Serious Places is the Best/Worst Tumblr Ever Bookshelfies Are Selfies for Lit Snobs Mannequin Depressed Depicts the "Struggles of Being Beautiful and Inanimate" Super Magritte: Nintendo Meets Surrealist Art Benjamemes Makes Memes Into Fine Art The Richard Balzer Collection Is a Halloween GIF-or-Treat Perez Hamilton Delivers History Through The Grapevine LOL My Thesis Will Distract You from Writing Your Thesis Jay-Z's 99 Problems Are Now Works of Art

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