Shots Fired

Everyone who has tried it knows the feeling of that first lick of salt, followed by a shot of liquid that warms all the way down to the belly, and then the sour quench of lime to chase away the aftertaste. The ritual repeats and before you know it you're doing body shots off of a hairy tramp stamp. Or was that just us? Class up your tequila ritual and sip the staple spirit like a connoisseur, savoring its flavor as you would a fine wine, during Tequilazona at Tempe Marketplace.

Thirteen brands of fermented blue agave extract will be presented at the booze-filled bonanza. Flavors will range from blanco (meaning unaged) to the ultra-smooth extra anejo (aged at least three years in oak barrels). The outdoor soirée will keep you bouncing from booth to booth with live entertainment and food to accompany central Mexico's proud contribution to inebriation.

Sat., May 11, 6-9 p.m., 2013
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Craig Smith