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Should Artists Paint Murals for Free?

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Joseph "Sentrock" Perez Phoenix Artist

Well in general, I would love to see more local artist creating murals and spreading the arts by any avenue. I think it's pretty awesome the more opportunities that are arriving, and locations that are desiring art on their buildings. Ideally I would like to see more business support the arts, by support I mean pay artists, as any other professional in their craft would get paid for their services.

I understand though, at times art is a luxury and is not apart of the budget, so artist will donate the time to allow the experience to express their art in the city they live in. I think though as an artist, we have to create the value we wish to see. Phoenix needs more of a monetary value on the artist, to allow artist to grow and develop as professional artist. We have almost no, actual full time, serious galleries here in Phoenix, I believe that is due to people don't frequently spend money on the arts. Which is in return to many artist not creating that value.

I have donated my time for murals, or taken a really low pay because I know sometimes the businesses cant afford the costs. I think as up and coming artist you feel that what You should do, or that is the norm, but there should be a much more importance place on the art and quality that is going on in our city. I believe that quality of our scene is the reflection of what value we have created for ourselves.

DOSE Phoenix Artist

Depends on what the artist is trying or wants out of the deal. If they're looking for exposure, OK. But if a local business wants something other than what a specific artist does then they should expect to pay. It all depends on the circumstance.

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Claire Lawton
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